Supreme Court refuses to grant ANL permission to appeal in Weller privacy case

The Supreme Court has refused to grant Associated Newspapers permission to appeal the judgment of Mr Justice Dingemans dated 16 April 2014 awarding three of Paul Weller’s children a total of £10,000 in damages for misuse of private information, which was subsequently endorsed by the Court of Appeal.  The claim related to photographs taken of them by a paparazzi photographer while they were on a family day out with their father in California, which were subsequently published in the Mail Online.  In an order dated 23 March 2016, Lords Neuberger, Sumption and Hughes refused permission on the basis that the application for permission to appeal did not raise an arguable point of law. The decision reinforces the principle that the rights of children are paramount in UK privacy claims and that publishers will have to demonstrate an exceptional public interest to override it.