Andrew Sharland

Partner, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Privacy & Reputation Management

Andrew Sharland is a leading Partner in the Litigation Department.
In a career in litigation, which has now extended across three decades and has been recognised repeatedly by all the major professional legal guides, his practice has developed from one predominantly music based to one which now encompasses clients from across the entertainment and sports world, including film and television production companies, sporting personalities, actors, actresses and television presenters and the representatives of all these professionals.
Andrew has a track record of involvement in landmark litigation.  He represented Sony in the litigation brought unsuccessfully by George Michael. He has separately brought or defended actions for EMI Music Publishing, Robert Smith (The Cure), Nigel Martin Smith (the founding manager of Take That), Sony BMG, Imagem Music Publishing and numerous other household names.
In recent years, Andrew has been involved litigation concerning the recording rights to Pop Idol, a landmark Court of Appeal decision on reversionary rights under the 1911 Copyright Act, a series of disputes concerning the live festival industry, the digital exploitation of audio and audio-visual rights and the worldwide enforcement of the common law and registered trademarks belonging to online digital services companies.

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